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Packaged Drinking Water

A DECCAN CRYSTAL FOR EVERYONE AND EVERY OCCASIONThe thought was to have a brand with consistent smooth and sweet taste across all plants. The challengers was to achieve it even after the difference in water quality and mineral composition. Deccan Crystal came out with a unique salt base which ensure standardized TDS& PH level. This makes Deccan Crystal compatible to Indian palate.

Our promise of goodness comes in multiple sizes that are just right for your various occasions. Deccan Crystal 250 ML & Rockstar 300 ML are perfect companions for party, lunch boxes and entertaining your guests.Deccan Crystal 500 ML bottle is the perfect choice when you do not want to share. Deccan Crystal 1 L and 2 L keeps you and your family going for the day and quenches thirst on the go. Easy to pour 5 L jar is your trusted partner on a weekend getaway and our classic Deccan Crystal 20 L jar ensures that you have pure, safe and healthy drinking water available at home all the time.